Vault Storage


Media and Vault Storage Services:


With over $1.7 trillion in revenue losses worldwide, 2018 has become the worst year ever in terms of data breach & cyber-attacks!!! Just try our vault data storage to protect and preserve your vital records and sensitive business documents from getting lost, stolen, and misused. 


Securus Record management is the guardian of your corporate privacy. We are a reputed vault storage company in Delhi NCR, providing world-class electronic document storage services which can not only allow you to store, protect and organize your electronic data storage devices such as hard drives, Cd discs and backup tapes within a much more secure environment and but would also allow you to quickly retrieve them even in the time of disaster. We are known for our specially designed Offsite data vaulting services which will allow you to conserve and preserve a large volume of critical corporate data for a long span of time. 


  • Enhancing your data-security-infrastructure with a temperature and moisture controlled media vault services.
  • Protecting your vital records form hardware malfunction, sabotage, and manmade or natural disasters.
  • Impenetrable secure vault storage facilities made up of fire resistant and blast-proof material.
  • Nullifying the last possibility of cyber espionage, hacking and online identity thefts to the level of zero.
  • Providing real-time vault management services, embedded with disaster-proof storage mechanisms.
  • An advanced media management solutions to store and protect all forms of electronic storage gadgets.


Our Objective:


Today, you are living in an era where your personal and professional information is neither safe in your physical warehouses nor in a smartly designed cloud storage facilities.   While your physically stored records and documents can be lost, stolen and mishandled at any point of time, your online data backups are also vulnerable to several man-made disasters, fire, moisture, and pests.


Apart from that, sudden incidents of hardware malfunctioning, human errors, software corruption, and sabotage can severely damage industrial productivity. So technically, it is very essential to find out an alternative vital-record-storage environment which is immediately accessible and retrievable, even in the time of disaster. 


Considering these above-mentioned challenges, we have come up with versatile media management and record vaulting solutions with a 100% guarantee for impenetrable data security and instant access facilities. So if you are looking for the best media vaulting services near you, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are rendering a wide range of special purpose file storage solutions while helping you to keep the focus on your core corporate functions and organizational goals. 


Our Secure Media Storage & Record Vaulting Services:


Being a doyen of record & information management, we do understand the intricate complications and challenges that you often face while managing your gigantic stockpile of official records.  Since our inception in 2005, we have served more than hundreds of data sensitive organizations in keeping their personal and as well as commercial secrets out of the reach of mischievous eyes.


So if you are too much worried about how would you protect your commercial confidential from all sorts of potential threats and natural disasters or what will you do if your physical and cloud storage facilities get destroyed, collapsed and misused, just be a part of our special media storage and record vaulting services immediately.


Special Vault Storage:


Special record vaults are often recommended for those who wants to store a large volume of highly sensitive physical and electronic records, including, magnetic tapes, magnetic drives, compact discs, portable hard drives and vital historical documents, in a temperature and moisture controlled environment, so that they can be preserved for a long period of time. 


  • An electronically operated & password protected storage vault to store highly prioritized documents.
  • Special-purpose record vaults made up of fire & moisture resistant steel and blast proof material.
  • Multi-level security arrangements, starting from laser beam detectors to CCTV cameras.
  • Climate controlled storage environment which ensures the readability and integrity for infinite time.
  • Customized vault management services, embedded with an optimal data-preservation mechanism.
  • Safeguarding your private data, defending yourself from unprecedented risks and minimizing your document management cost.


Offsite Tape Vaulting Services:


It is very essential to preserve the integrity of your data storage devices. Most of your electronic storage devices such as magnetic discs, portable hard drives, and optical media are easily susceptible to sudden electronic decay, permanent damage and atrophied data degradation, essentially for the reason of improper data handling and inadequate vault management facilities. 


By storing your valuable storage tapes in our remote offsite facilities, you can simply eliminate all of these above-mentioned risks, just at a snap of your finger. At SRM, we are providing highly sophisticated offsite tape vaulting services which will enable you to protect and preserve your sensitive electronic storages for a long period of time. 


  • Offsite document storage with the customized environment control mechanism.
  • Safe document storage environment with dust and dirt removal facilities. 
  • Highly sophisticated offsite backup solutions with a multi-layer security system.
  • Offsite storage vaults, designed to store both digital and analog media.
  • Saves your data, from the adverse impact of external electromagnetic fields.
  • Advance tape vaulting services with fireproof & water resistant systems.


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