Records Management

Securus Records Management System is India's Leading Records Management Company for managing Physical and Digital Office Records.


"We Are The Custodian of Your Critical Business Records."


We are providing end to end physical documents Storage solutions, which if implemented can help you to map the overall record storage scenario within your organization, thus resulting in quick decision making, elevated organizational efficiency and higher productivity. Our record management services are cost-effective and can be customized as per your needs and requirements, build to provide unlimited physical storage, the highest degree of storage privacy, and above all advanced document management with instant retrieval services, where ever you need.


  • Enjoy Our Unlimited Physical Storage Facilities.
  • Minimize Your Document Management Costs.
  • Barcode-Based Records Management System.
  • Cost-Effective Document Storage Solutions.
  • Providing a Series of Failsafe Storage Securities.
  • A Special Vault For Sensitive And Critical Records.


Records Collection & Gathering Process:


All of the cartons, packed with records and documents are loaded on to a closed-body vehicle to bring them securely to SRM warehouse.  This would be done by SRM own in-house vehicles which ensure the timely pick-up & records security without depending on any third party transport company. We are supported by a team of super active transportation assets such as smart trucks and vans. They will collect your valuable records from your home and offices. The entire document-collection process involves the following steps.



  • Door to door collection of valuable files records & documents.
  • Sorting & segregating your physical records by certain classes.
  • Systematic Bar-coding for each and every sorted document.
  • Packaging your valuable documents with care and precision.
  • Inventorization & cartoon barcoding for systematic identification.


Store in Our Secure Warehousing Systems:

Once your individual records and documents are barcoded and boxed, we will collect and transport them to our highly secure document- warehouses. Here, our record management professionals will start to register the unique-barcode-identification numbers that are fixed, both in the files & boxes and store them in a safe & secure location. The entire process runs on the following steps.

Records Barcoding & Indexing:


The handwritten inventory copy is fed into our Automated-Records-Management System for easy tracking, inventory up-gradation & retrieval transaction services. 

Records Management Software used by SRM is a web-based application which has been developed using world-renowned technology leaders. We use software like Oracle/SQL to maintain our database. Besides, web operating systems like MS Windows platform further ensure the reliability & security of the applications in Use.

All of the files shall be re-barcoded and mapped with Customer-File-Reference No. for easy access & tracking in the future.  The Customer shall ensure that they should provide a unique File-Reference-No. (Bar-code ID) for each & every file.

On-Demand Quick Retrieval Process:


We are known for our fastest and most consumer-friendly record retrieval services. At SRM, we provide highly sophisticated document retrieval policies which will help you to get back your stored-physical document in a much more easy and cost-effective manner.


Successful Organizations Always Rely on Great Record Management System:


All kinds of business organizations, over the course of their evolution, do generate and gather a large volume of physical records. While most of these paper works, whether a valuable balance sheet or an age-old list of clients, are highly sensitive to your businesses and do possess a tremendous amount of economic potential, they often get mishandled and lost due to the lack of awareness, storage facilities, and adequate security arrangements.


The main purpose or aim of our record management solutions is to provide an all-around document management mechanism which can not only store and protect all those secrets and valuable information but also manage them in a much more scientific and organized manner. In short, record’s management is a process of storing, protecting, cataloging and retrieving a large volume of physical documents, especially official and corporate records with the highest degree of historical, legal and fiscal value, in a much more safe, secure and organized way.


How SRM Team Can Help You:


How well the organization manages its records will have a direct impact on its ability to achieve its goals and long-term objective. Whether your organization is handling printed or scanned images, digitalized documents or a large volume of complicated financial records, the smooth and efficient supervision of business documents is imperative for sustainable business-outcome.


The primary objective of our document management system is to provide our clients with a systematic control over their vast stockpile of physical records, regardless of any media format, from their initial creation to final disposition. More precisely, Securus Record Management Pvt Ltd is a one-stop-shop for hassle-free records management, secure storage and fast retrieval of your stored information.


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