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Digitize your Business Records, Go Paperless, Free Up Your Office Space, Boost your Operational Efficiency & Increase your Productivity


Are you getting annoyed by the rising stacks of physical records in your office?  Just Join hands with SRM, One of the most trusted Document Digitization Service providers in Delhi.  Let us help you to digitize your entire stockpile of files and records and make it a lot easier for you to search, access, retrieve and distribute any of those records in a safe, quick, and cost-effective manner.


"Securus record management Pvt Ltd" is a pioneer in the field of document and records management, providing 360*/full-cycle technical assistance and advanced managerial strategies for smart digitization, complete file-conversion, efficient data archiving, document imaging and Document Scanning Services, especially with the use of keyboarding, OCR, and double-key-entry techniques. 


When Physical Records Become a Quandary?


Physical records are hard to manage. It requires huge space, regular maintenance, and skilled manpower which further increases your overall budget. Physical records become a problem when you have them.


  • Millions of paper-based documents as loose sheets.
  • Countless files, folders, records & Shelves of papers. 
  • Documents of varying sizes, types, and quality.
  • Records are bound in the form of books or registers.
  • Documents of different subjects, topics, and purposes.


How It Leads To Devastating Consequences? 


The continuous growth of physical records can create several detrimental effects on your business. They are listed as follows.


  • Decreased level of organizational workspace.
  • Low Operational efficiency & low Productivity.
  • Poor decision-making capacity & falsified strategy. 
  • Destabilizing your overall organizational budget.
  • This leads to record mismanagement and sabotage.
  • Paper records are vulnerable to fire & moisture.


Our Digitization Services-  “Solving The Gordian Knot” 


The world is gradually becoming more and more tech-savvy. With the radical growth of IT, digital electronics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, industries are rapidly inclining towards the use of these new digital platforms, especially to find an amicable solution that would be capable of replacing their desperate dependence on age-old physical record management systems.

Considering this, we have come up with a wide range of document digitization services that will help all kinds of data-sensitive organizations to go completely paperless. Some of our most popular services are listed as follows :


Record Scanning & Document Imaging Services:


Securus Record management Pvt Ltd is known for fast digitization & the state of art document imaging services which will help you deal with the heterogeneous collection of paper files and records in a much more easy and productive way. We have the state of art scanning and imaging infrastructures, such as flatbed, hand-held, over-head & LASER Scanners which can scan thousands of printed hard copies with almost no huddles and utmost ease. Our document imaging and instant scanning service can be divided into two parts.


  • Onsite document scanning. 
  • OFF-site document imaging. 


Quick File Conversion Services:


With the help of skilled technicians and decade-long professional experience, we have achieved an absolute proficiency in the field of file conversion & document digitization. Here at SRM, we help our clients to convert your highly prioritized records into a your desired digital formats. Be it, any kind of files and records-right from audio and video files to texts, images, books a

nd periodicals-we are well capable of converting and digitizing your records in almost all kinds of digital formats.


What Kinds of Files and Records Are We Dealing With?


  • Medical records, bank records, financial records and historic collections.and legal documents.
  • Business MOU’s, insurance papers, deeds, leases, warranties, invoices.
  • Newspapers, magazines, posters, pamphlets, foldouts & plat books.
  • High profile corporate secrets, personal data, wills, and testaments.
  • Records related to new invention, discoveries, research & case studies.
  • Data related to your client’s database, consumers, budget & Resources.
  • Engineering Drawing, Project Plan, CAD & Architectural Drawings.
  • and Highway Plans.
  • Survey details, Manufacturing Design, Blueprints
  • Circuit Diagram, maps, posters, paintings, photos, slidesand negatives.
  • All kinds of corporate records, business files 


We can convert all of these above-mentioned files and records into various digital formats including, .TXT, .HTML, .XML, .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, .GIF, .JPEG, .TIFF, etc and that too is within the frame of your limited budget. 


 Data Archiving:


Your physical records are vulnerable to fire, moisture, and pests; they can be easily destroyed, damaged or misplaced. However, with our advanced data archiving solutions, you can simply put these worries to the rest. 

We are providing cloud-based data storage solutions that can be used to store an unlimited volume of scanned and converted data for your entire lifespan. Our online data storage servers are protected by impenetrable network security and can be accessed through a single username and password. Our data archiving services are divided into the following categories:


  • Onsite data archiving services
  • Off-site data archiving services


Our Document Digitization Process:


Collection of Documents:


This is the first step of our document digitization Process. In this stage, we collect all of your documents and then align them in proper order. Special supervisions are conducted to separate all sorts of external objects such as pins, paper clips and threads.

Fast Scanning & Digital Imaging:


Aligned documents are scanned with the help of high-end digital scanners and saved in image format.

Secure Digital Conversion:


We use OCR (optical character recognition) & ICR (intelligent character recognition) methods to convert those scanned images into text files. After that, the outputs are re-examined by experienced proofreaders, just before converting them into your desired formats.

Smart Document Indexing :


In order to facilitate fast, easy and smooth retrieval, we will index your files and then save them in your desired formats. 


Retrieval and Quick Delivery:


At this final stage, we run complete quality-assurance(QA) analysis and deliver the error-free digitized files and documents to you through either our FTP servers or by using the external hard drive, CD or DVDs.


Advantages of Document Digitization:


There are numerous advantages of document digitization. Some of them are listed as follows.


  • Digitized files can be stored & preserved for a long span of time.
  • It is very easy to clone and copy your digital files in multiple formats.
  • Digitized documents are easily accessible and quick retrieval.
  • It can be shared, transported and updated, whenever you require.  
  • Digital data is safe from the adverse impact of natural calamities.
  • Data digitization further reduces your document management costs.
  • Maximizes your operational efficiency and industrial productivity.
  • Digitized records never require any additional physical storage. 
  • Compatible with all modes of digital data transfer methods.
  • Digitized documents require a negligible amount of manpower & care.
  • Digitized records can be searched within no time, using the keywords.
  • Cloud storage saves your office space and grants immediate access.  


Why do you need to choose Us?


  • We are a trustworthy & reliable business partner, certified by the GOI
  • Highly scalable services that can serve different business requirements.
  • Delivering cost-effective & affordable document digitization solutions.
  • We have decades of experience and a huge network of skilled manpower. 
  • SRM is the best record and document digitization company in Delhi.
  • Serving the more than 500 national and multinational companies in India.
  • We have scanned and digitized millions of hard copies, files & records.
  • We are a trustworthy & reliable business partner, certified by the GOI.   


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