Record & File Management For Telecom Sector


Since, telecommunication is a data-intensive industry, a place where you are constantly encountered with large influx of data, it is very much essential for each and every telecom operator to create a comprehensive document management system which can not only take care of their entire record management hierarchy but would also assist them in smoothening and expediting their operational procedure, and industrial productivity, respectively.


But unfortunately, creating such a self-sustaining record management system is not a five-finger exercise. It is a time-consuming process which requires rigorous attention, skilled manpower and a huge investment, especially to maintain the overburdening stock of physical records management.


Being surrounded by wobbly market expectations, complicated organizational workflow, heavy work pressures and the precarious set of laws and regulations, it is become quite complicated for most of the Indian telecommunication companies to at least come up a with such an inclusive document management sservices by their own. 


Just be a part of securus record management initiatives. Here, we are providing a wide range of customized record management services which are specifically designed to meet the fast and perennial demands of telecom industries. Our services are the direct consequences of the extensive experience that we have gained by serving various telecom giants for more than one and half decade. 


As a keen observer of the telecommunication industry, we do understand what it takes to formulate and implement an industry-oriented document management strategy. Keeping that in mind, we have arrived with a wide array of special -purpose data  & file storage services which are specially designed to meet your specific needs and demands. 


At Securus Records Management, we are providing a complete record and file management solution- starting from secure physical documents storage, fast document digitization, impenetrable vault storage, irreversible paper shredding and above all instant access and document retrieval to your stored information.  


Our industry-oriented solutions are listed as follows:


  • Offsite record storage services for storing your colossal amount of records and documents.
  • Our offsite record management facilities will help you to eliminate the space-related issues.
  • Onsite record management services, in case you don’t want your files to be stored outside. 
  • Unlimited physical storage for storing your highly valuable records, files and documents.
  • Customized information management solutions, tailored as per the industry standards. 
  • A password protected & blast proof secure media vault for the long-term data preservation. 
  • Fast and immediate data accessibility with instant scanning and document imaging services.
  • Environment controlled storage mechanism to avoid the aging of your records & documents. 
  • Multi-layered electronic security to prevent the instances of online data breach and hacking.
  • Secure paper shredding and data destruction services to permanently destroy your highly prioritized confidential.    


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