Public Sector and NGO

Best Records Management for the Public Sector and NGO

“In case of Public sector entities, even a minor data breach, can lead to major political chaos!!! 


Public sector organizations, government agencies, and NGOs do process a colossal amount of records & documents every day. That is why, they are in a desperate need of creating a central document management system that can not only eliminate the monumental burden of pilling records but would also allow them to optimize their operational workflow, especially by providing an instant data access facility, from wherever they want, whenever they want.


At Securus, we are providing customized record management services, which would help all sorts of governmental & semi-governmental organizations and as well as the NGOs to store, preserve, organize and analyze their highly sensitive public records in a much more fast, secure and cost-effective manner.


As one of the most reputed and widely preferred record management companies in India, we are fully aware of the traditional and as well as the modern challenges of record management and know what it takes to formulate fully functional information and data management strategy. 


We are delivering a vast array of secure record storage & document management services which can help our public sector clients in:



  • Reducing their records management costs to such an ignorable level of concern that it would not bother their budget anymore. 
  • Preventing all kinds of unauthorized document assesses, whether it has been done physically or by some mischievous online methods.  
  • Achieving absolute compliance with the stated constitutional procedures, laws & regulations, related to records and document management.  
  • Formulating a customized information management solutions as per the needs & requirements of the industry. 
  • Preserving highly confidential federal records and classified government data for an indefinite span of time.
  • Identifying & accessing a specific set of highly prioritized data through our on-demand document digitization, LASER scanning & instant document imaging services.  
  • Permanently destroying their unnecessary junk of public records so that they can not be recovered or recycled by any means.


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