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“When it comes to the energy sector, a minor loss of physical data can cost you in millions! Try our value-added record & document management services and optimize your sensitive business information with the highest degree of security and precision”.


Securus Record management Pvt Ltd, a widely preferred document management company in Delhi, is known for its copper-bottomed document storage and information management services. Here, we are providing highly sophisticated records management solutions that can not only help you to store, manage and digitize your valuable physical and electronic records but would also assist you in analyzing and retrieving that data for future purposes. 


At Securus, we are supported by a team of experienced record management virtuosos and advance data-management technologies which together, makes us capable enough to render a wide range of smart, reliable and productive record & information management solutions for the oil, gas and energy sector of India. Just Subscribe our most rated document storage, data destruction and document digitization services to keep your secret business information out of the reach of mischievous eyes, hackers and online burglars.


  • Revitalize the market value of old business information.
  • Extract the hidden potential of your corporate records. 
  • Unlimited and secure access to digitized documents.
  • Better corporate governance & smart data management.   
  • Secure data storage to avoid data- breach and sabotage.
  • Harness the hidden power of your corporate memory.  
  • Mitigating your operational cost to a negligible state.


Your Problem:

Exploring and extracting natural resources and producing electricity from that is not a five-finger exercise. It is a lengthy, complicated and data-intensive process which regularly generates a huge amount of valuable corporate data. That is why, all kinds of energy industries, whether it is an oil or gas conglomerate or a renewable energy company, are bound to deal with a gigantic matrix of records and documents which are critical in nature and have an immense amount of economic and legal repercussions.  Such a huge volume of sensitive business information are vital for the future growth and development of any oil, gas and energy corporation and thus needs to be stored and protected in a much more safe, secure and organized manner.

Creating a smart data management infrastructure is a costly affair. In order to do that, you have to invest a hell lot of money to purchase those heavy paper shredding machines, laser-based scanning devices.
Apart from building required infrastructures, it is also necessary for you to maintain and manage them

in a regular interval. To do that, oil and gas companies have to recruit a large number of skilled professionals. 
It is quite hard for oil and gas companies to regularly align their data management plan with the continuously changing trade policies, rules and regulations of the market and the evolving industry standards.
For an effective records management system, whether it is being operated physically or by some cloud storage, it is essential to streamline its entire operational process in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Your records and documents are vulnerable to all sorts of online data breaches such as hacking, cyber espionage, identity thefts, and sabotage. They can also be lost, stolen, burned and destroyed in an unprecedented mishap.

Holistic Record Management Solutions for Energy Sector:

Energy and utility industries are heavily dependent on their corporate memories. For them, it is very much essential to store, protect, and organize this gigantic hoard of corporate memories in a smart and cost-effective way so that it can be quickly accessed and re-harnessed to drive the future growth of the organization. Besides this, such a huge stockpile of accumulated confidential are effective for industrial research and contains valuable information that can be analyzed and synchronized,  especially to strategize and derive the future exploration and production patterns of oil fields.

Here at SRM, we are offering a complete records management solution which incorporate almost all of the modern and proven methods of document and data management, including, the temperature and moisture controlled document storage facilities, the installation of an RFID based physical storage system, a password protected electronic vault, Laser-based scanning infrastructure, and above all a fast data retrieval and document shredding process. 

We have more than 15 years of experience in data and information management and have successfully served more than two dozen of global oil & petroleum companies with our secure document storage, data digitization, retrieval, and confidential paper shredding solutions. Our master record management services are designed to deliver a smooth and quickly accessible enterprise-document-management-solution which will radically transform your age-old approach towards vital records management and data warehousing.

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