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“Bundles of Pilling Documents Can Destroy your Operational Efficiency”


We are the gatekeepers of your critical legal files-ensuring smarter data management, instant information processing, quick data accessibility, and reduced document management cost. Be a part of our ambitious record management programs and protect your entire reservoir of sensitive legal documents from getting misused,  mishandled, lost or stolen.


  • Managing a large volume of documents, files, folders is very complicated for law firms. Stay tuned with our inclusive record management programs to get rid of this headache of record management.
  • The overburdening storage of paper documents can cause serious space problems in the office. You can simply solve this problem by moving your vital physical records in our offsite document storage facilities. 
  • It will take a substantial amount of wealth to create and maintain your own physical storage. So it would be wise for any legal service provider to outsourcing their document management needs.
  • Most of the major law firms in India are unable to protect their records from sacrilegious-computer-crooks and hackers. Here At SRM, we have adopted the best online network security arrangements which are capable enough to prevent such an incident of an online data breach.
  • Physical records are vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. Our specially designed media vault will allow you store and preserve your highly prioritized legal documents for a log span of time. 


Our Solutions:


Information is the core asset for any law firm. It is like the oxygen without of which no lawyer or legal firms can sustain, even for a short span of time. Everyday law firms are encountered with an enormous amount of records and documents which are very essential for their success and survival. Any minor inefficiency in record & file management can bring you towards some major legal defeats in courts which in return, would severely diminish you market reputation and can also cause a greater financial breakdown.


That is why, law firms from all across this country, need a comprehensive record management solution which can not only assist them in creating a smart file management system but would also help them in protecting, preserving, managing and accessing all  those sensitive and confidential information, even at the 11th hour or in the time of emergency.


We are the keen observer of the market and we are very much concerned about the operational hindrances that most of the law firms often face due to the lack of proper data management and adequate infrastructures. Just stay tuned with our cutting-edge record management services.


  • Off-site record management services to store a large amount of paper documents.
  • Instant access through paper digitization, scanning, and document imaging services. 
  • Multi-level record storage security with LASER beam detectors and CCTV cameras.
  • Unique vault storage that will help you to preserve your highly confidential data.
  • Advance file management services to mitigate your document management cost.  


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