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Record Management for Healthcare Industry in Delhi


“End to end medical record management services that can improve your patient care system and maximize the profitability of your healthcare enterprise!” 


In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape of India, most of the major national healthcare enterprises, hospitals, and nursing homes are looking for a more smarter and alternative way that can ameliorate their existing patient care system while meeting the targeted revenue cycle with ensured compliance and larger profitability. 


Keeping that in mind, Securus Record Management, one of the most acclaimed document management specialists in India, has come up with its all-new information management solutions which would help you to store, preserve,  and organize your pilling medical records so that they can be researched and re-analyzed later. 


Healthcare-Record & Information Management Solutions:


The regulatory frameworks and legal challenges in ‘Healthcare Industry’, are growing more complex every year.  That is why you need an inclusive records management system which can not only make you enable of storing, digitizing, preserving and destroying a large volume of achievable data, just within in a snap of your finger,  but would also help you to achieve an absolute compliance with the entire junk of amended laws and pre-existing constitutional frameworks that are specially directed to govern the issues related to records storage, record management and retrieval of medical data.


At SRM, we are backed by a large matrix of industry experts, dedicated to delivering a set of effective document management which in return would help your healthcare institutions, industries, hospitals, and private nursing homes to rise to the occasion. Whether you want an offsite physical storage facility or an onsite document archive, we are providing an all-in-one record management solution, tailored as per the way you work. Just subscribe SRM’s latest medical document management services and let our industry experts assist you to improve your slow and aging patient care system, especially through the systematic process of streamlining, indexing and accurate management of valuable and sensitive medical data.


  • Active patient’s file management with on-site records storage and data archival services.
  • On demand document digitization & scanning to provide an instant access to stored data. 
  • RFID based Barcode identification system for smart record indexing & data segmentation.  
  • Customized physical storage facilities to store a gigantic stockpile of healthcare records.
  • Specially designed media vault that preserves critical medical reports & research papers.
  • Impenetrable vault security with LASER beam Detector,  24*7 CCTV camera monitoring    
  • Offsite document storage solutions for storing old medical records of inactive patients.  
  • Electronic document archiving, suitable to hold a large chunk of experimental records.
  • Multi-layered-security systems to avoid the misuse of medical data & online data-breach. 
  • Secure paper shredding & data destruction services for the permanent record annihilation. 
  • Temperature & Moisture controlled storage environment to avoid data degradation & aging.


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