Records Management and Document Digitization for FMCG Sector


Manage Your Business Records At The Snap Of Your Finger- Crafted For FMCG Industry.


Collaborate with India’s No-1 Document Management Company. Get instant relief from the overwhelming burden of physical records and as well as the managerial responsibilities that come along with it.


Reduce The Burden Of Business Records & Save Your Office Space:


When it comes to FMCG industry and retail market, the total volume of physical records that it produces on a day to day basis is almost unimaginable. Maintenance, preservation, and retention of such a large volume of commercial records require a lot of wealth, energy storage space which in all together put an extra economic burden on FMCG sectors.


Apart from that, the quantitative aspects of paper works keep increases day by day which also demands the further upgradation of your record storage centers. But unfortunately, the net price of urban spaces is so expensive that upgrading them on a regular basis is almost impossible.


Under such circumstances, it would be wise to outsource your requirements to a third party record management company near you. Doing this would not only eliminate the burden of your physical records but would also give you an opportunity to rejuvenate your internal office space. 


SRM’s wide range of document’s storage and file management solutions will assist you to gather and re-organize your in-house legal-files, records, and documents which would be quite helpful to predict and strategize future business models. 


Boost Operational Efficiency & Productivity:


The performance and growth of an FMCG company basically relies on The following factors:


  • Quick and Effective Decision making
  • Reliable Supply chain management 


A smartly designed file management system can help you to gain direct access to your entire stockpile of physical and electronic records which in return can help you to make quick and faster decisions in emergency supply & delivery situations, simply without concerning the higher authorities. 


SRM’s Range of Record’s  Management Services-Enhancing The Value Of Your Corporate Memory! 


Securus Record Management promotes the culture of robust management, innovation & constructive wisdom! We consider your aspiration as our primary goals and provides market-oriented file keeping solutions which will help you to get rid of your entire burden of physical and electronic records. Our services are listed as follows:

Impenetrable Document Storage Security :


FMCG companies, by its inherent nature, generate a large volume of physical and as well as electronic records. All of these commercial records, right from the bills and invoices of everyday transactions, to the monthly and yearly account books or even the list of consumer and employee database, needs to be stored and managed in a systematic way so that they remain hidden and protected from all sorts of offline and online espionage.


AT SRM, we have supported a large matrix of records storage facilities which are equipped with LASER beam Detectors and 24*7 manual and CCTV surveillance. Besides these, we are also providing blast proof, water resistant and password protected media vault to preserve your electronic storage devices. 


So, Stop worrying! Just have a coffee with us. Share your concerns, terms and Conditions. We would be happy to encounter any of your problems and issues related to secure file management, document digitization, retrieval, and destruction. For more details kindly fill our Free Request Quote