Finance and Banking

Secure Records Storage Services for the Banking Sector


Here at Securus, we are delivering a wide array of unique document management services with an absolute guarantee of 100% data security and instant data accessibility.  So if you are associated with banking and financial sector and willing to create a perfect record & document storage infrastructure for your confidential such as bond papers, banking documents, account details, signature card, credit file, mortgage records, and wills, just be a part of our versatile record management programs immediately.


In a world of stringent rules and regulations, you must adopt a record management system which complies with the latest laws and amendments in the finance and banking sectors. Be a part of India's most advanced record & vault storage initiatives, just to avoid the risk and cost associated with unexpected legal suits, litigation, and incidents of online data breach and sabotage.  


We are the custodian of your financial & banking documents, delivering a comprehensive set of record management services that would make your critical banking documents and financial records quickly accessible, compliance achievable and easily preservable!


Our Objectives:


Finance and banking, the two integral limbs of modern-day economies, are basically data-intensive industries. Be it an insurance company, a private and public sector bank or a car loan provider, any organization which is somehow involved with the process of lending or borrowing money, naturally have to rely on a large volume of financial and banking data. Information of such kind are critical in nature and thus needs to be protected and preserved at any cost.


Keeping that in mind, Securus Record Management, a popular document management company in Delhi, has come up with its all-new record & data management services, especially for the financial service providers and baking sector’s entities. Our integrated document storage and document retrieval services are specially designed to deliver an extra edge to your business, enabling you to store, retrieve, access and preserve your highly prioritized banking and financial data in a secure and organized manner. 


Our Record Management Solution for Finance and Banking Industry:


  • Since the beginning of our inception, we have been working with various private and public sector banks and other major financial services providers in India.  We are delivering the best document storage, data backup, and data retrieval solutions which can control and manage the entire lifecycle of your corporate memory. 


  • Integrated records management services for financial service providers  & banking sectors -  We store and preserve almost all kinds of financial data, including, vital account details, financial documents related to your customer database, secret data and transaction records of your debit & signature cards, credit bills, mortgage records, wills, and secret data and transaction records of your debit & signature cards. 


  • We are supported by a team of highly experienced data management virtuosos who will help you to formulate an inclusive records management strategy which in return would enable you to address all sorts of data management challenges.


  • Delivering a comprehensive document management system for banks and financial service providers, covering all aspects of record management-right from the secure record storage to data digitization, retrieval, and data destruction. 


  • Not all kinds of records and documents do possess the same economic potential; Not all of them deserve the same level of storage security. Some are very critical in nature and some are less important. That is why we are allowing you to customize your record storage policies as per your needs and demands.


  • We use electronically operated security mechanism, such as LASER beam detectors, multi-level password protection, online firewall and CCTV cameras to ensure the highest degree of data security.  Environment controlled physical storage and media vault that can store and preserve a vast chunk of banking data for a long period of time. Our specially designed record vaults are made up of fireproof, blast proof and moisture resistant material and can be extracted even in the time of emergency. 


  • By moving your important financial records and banking data into our offsite physical storage facilities, you can not only be able to maximize your office space but would also minimize your document management cost at a large extent. 


  • Enjoy 24*7 document accessibility with our on-demand document conversion, immediate record digitization, instant online imaging, and record scanning services. Besides that, our onsite  & offsite document destruction services will help you to get compliance with evolving privacy laws and regulations.