We are the vanguard of media management industry, preserving your precious audio-visual assets form generations to generations! 

Records Management and Document Storage for Entertainment Industries

Securus Record Management is a leading record management company in Delhi. Here, we offer a wide range of specialized document storage services to the media and entertainment industry, which will help you eliminate this mounting burden of vital records at the snap of your fingers. Our services are distinctive and designed to deliver the best customer experience to our clients. In short, we are the custodians of your corporate memory, providing holistic record management solutions for all kinds of film, media, and entertainment industries.



The world of audio-visual entertainment is changing at a rapid pace. From the vintage years of gramophone, magnetic tapes and magnetic disk to the modern era of cloud engineering and portable storage devices, the global entertainment industry has experienced a gradual paradigm shift, particularly in the way they used to store their films, documentaries, audio-visual informations and other confidential paper works including, signed contracts, marketing stats, accounting information and production data. 


As an integral part of a major data-intensive field, most of the entertainment and media organizations such as production houses, Tv channels, news platforms have to deal with a large collection of accumulated information which is essential to keep their massive projects, rolling on the field. Such a huge collection of vital electronic records and paper-based documents do possess immense economic potential and thus need to be protected and organized in a smart, timely and cost-effective manner. 


Our Physical Document Management System For Entertainment Industries:


  • Climate controlled warehousing to ensure the absolute preservation of your valuable films, videos, and physical records. 
  • Integrated document management services, to meet the requirements of offsite and onsite record storage.
  • Secure data storage solutions to protect your confidential corporate memory from various kinds of malicious cyber attacks. 
  • Comprehensive records management services, available for both physical and digital forms of media. 
  • Advanced digitization services to convert your highly prioritize physical records into long-lasting digital formats. 
  • A password protected media vault, made up of blast-proof steel, is capable enough to protect your vital records in emergency situations. 
  • Sophisticated barcode identification & record indexing to reduce the document searching efforts.
  • Smart vault-management solutions and instant digitization services to mitigate your document and record management cost. 


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