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Scalable Record Management Solutions for Education & Training Institutes.


Every day, educational and training institutions like schools, colleges, universities, ITI and research centers generate a vast range of physical records.  While most of these records are essential for achieving smooth operational efficiency in day to day organizational activities and do not require permanent storage, there is also a certain section of physical documents such as student's personal details, mark sheets, financial records,  individualized education plans (IEP) and evaluation team reports (ETR) which holds greater degree of importance both for institutions and students as well, and hence need to stored, manage and retain permanently.


Considering this unique set of retention requirements, Securus has come up with its vast array of industry-specific records and Secure document management solutions which are cost-effective and can be customized as per the client’s demands and pre-requisite documents retention schedule.  


Securus Documents Archive and Record management services for schools, colleges, and universities.


Securus is offering an advanced ‘Physical Document Management Systems’, specially designed to meet the needs of schools and universities. Our document archiving services are comprehensive in nature. They cover almost each and every aspect of modern-day records management. Some of the popular features  are listed as follows:


Records Collection, Document indexing & File Classification:

  • A door to door collection of physical records, files and documents.
  • Accurate classification and segregation of files and documents
  • Manual & RFID based RFID Based  Barcode files Indexing services.


Boxing, Packaging and Secure Physical Document Storage Facilities:


  • Waterproof boxing and packaging for classified files.
  • Boxes are stored in our offsite records storage facilities.
  • Providing environment controlled storage mechanisms.
  • Media vault to store electronic data storage devices


 Document digitization, Scanning and Quick file Retrieval:


  • Documents digitization services to create an online database.
  • Record scanning and imaging for instant records retrieval.
  • Scanned copies are directly sent to clients by email & fax.
  • Physical records retrieval Services & home delivery.



Why Should You Choose Securus? 


Vast Infrastructural Support & Huge Manpower:


We are supported by a large network of document’s storage facilities which are run by experienced record management professionals. We also own a large fleet of transportation assets which ensure the timely delivery of your physical records. 


Security & Confidentiality:


  • We provide round the clock manual security arrangements with absolute CCTV surveillance.
  • Our offsite records storage sites are also installed with LASER beam detectors which further ensures the highest degree of access restriction, applied to all.
  • Boxes with are stored in temperature and moisture controlled storage mechanisms.
  • Smoke detectors, fire distinguishers, are installed to avoid natural calamities.
  • Forget the records, we don’t even disclose the identity of our clients. Neither, we use their names for advertising purposes.


Exceptional Value for Money:

Our low prices reflect the efficiency of our productivity. A free initial audit of your records is conducted to determine your requirements.


Customer-Centric Corporate Philosophy:


Putting the customer first is central to our business philosophy. At Securus, we really care about your needs and requirements and always try to provide a cost-effective and market-oriented business solutions that meet your demands.


So whether you are willing to reduce the burden of the pilling university records or want to retain them for your entire lifetime, Securus’s smart document management services are the ultimate solutions for you. We are one of the oldest and most experienced record management companies in Delhi NCR. 


As of now, we are serving more than 150 national and international organizations, providing them with a comprehensive set of document storage services which is helping them to store, manage, preserve, protect and retrieve their worthy physical records in a safe and cost-effective manner.


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