Audit and CA Firms

Record Management Services for CA & Accounting Firms.


Are you looking for effective records and document management solutions for your accounting firm? Well, Let me assure you that you have arrived at the right Shores!  


We are India’s most acknowledged Record management company and we are offering a wide array of industry-specific ‘Document Archiving’ and ‘records storage solutions’ which are specially designed to meet the rising needs of efficient record management in a CA or Audit firms. 


Our Popular Record management Services for Accounting and Audit firms.


  • Get unlimited physical Storage for your accounting records. 
  • Record retention policy, adhering to absolute legal compliances.
  • Advanced Digitization of old, permanent & current audit files. 
  • Secure Record & document management system(RMS & DMS)
  • On-demand document disposition and record retrieval solutions.
  • Blast proof Media Vault for long-term data - preservation.
  • Record management software for direct access & fast browsing.  
  • Door to door records delivery & document destruction services.  


SRM is trusted by the topmost private & public sector companies in India. Our services are customizable, cost-effective in nature and can successfully address all sorts of issues related to large-scale physical storage, instant records retrieval, on-demand document digitization, and pepper shredding requirements. 
So, what are you waiting for? Just subscribe our inclusive record management services and get rid of the rising burden of your accounting records.  


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