Case Study-Key Problems

Client Key Problems:

One of our clients from food processing industry in Delhi sought to our records and document management solutions. The reason for which they have decided to subscribe our record management solutions are listed as follows:

  • The organization has more than enough factory space to store its records but was finding it increasingly difficult to locate items from the stack. 
  • There was no one available to organize its important documents and bring some much-needed efficiency to how information is used.



Tracking: Tracking of physical documents was a huge challenge because of the sheer amount of human effort it required and the physical space needed to store these documents. Also, whenever a document was required for reference, there was difficulty in tracking it because of the lack of accessibility.

Vendor Relations: Vendor relations were at stake because of delays, difficulty retrieving the records needed for reconciliation.

Our Work

Following these above mentioned hurdles, the company finally decided to collaborate with SRM and showed their clear intention to adopt our exclusive records management services, especially to manage more than 7,000 cartons of records and documents. 

After multiple rounds of discussions, Securus Records Management was assigned to address these challenges and find a solution. We started off with implant services to manage its records within their office and later with off-site records storage. Our team packed and moved more than 4500 cartons which had over 1, 00,000 documents by end of the year 2016.

We started off the clean-up exercise by clearing the backlogs at the same time managing the new volumes. The first audit happened by the time we cleared the backlogs. As we showed good progress, the company grew more confident in handling the audits. At present, we have reached a stage where audit is no more a challenge for this company. 

It’s been 2 years since we started our services for them and the business relationship has only grown stronger with each passing year. We still continue with our offsite records storage services. Currently, we have more than 7000 cartons in store with an average carton growth of 650 cartons every quarter.



Our Offered Solutions Includes: 

  1. Precise verification of the received records, data and documents. 
  2. Accurate data entry of keywords to locate an individual file. 
  3. Categorization, segregation, and indexing of Data & Records
  4. Affixing file barcodes system for smarter data identification. 
  5. Packaging and boxing your valuable records and documents.
  6. Transporting those records into our off site storages facility.
  7. Advanced data security, firewall & LASER beam Detector.
  8. Data digitization for fast, secure and instant data accessibility.
  9. Record imaging, scanning for on-demand record retrieval.
  10. Irreversible paper shredding and document destruction services.

The Outcome:

Our inventory helped the client to segregate unwanted data & merge this physical records systematically and also we got an additional job of providing the client with secured records destruction services & storage business.


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