Date : 07 Aug, 2018

Why To Choose Record Management System For Accounting & Audit Organization.

This article will provide you with a brief insight on the key benefits of document management system, especially for accounting and audit firms. The article will Not only highlight most of the common problems that an accounting firm often face due to the lack of a smart record storage and data digitization facilities but would also give some amicable solution in this regard.

Dealing with Physical Records is quite common for most of the small and medium class businesses, especially for the accounting and audit firms that often deal with a large volume of accounting data including purchase orders, documents related to taxation, receipts, bills, and invoices. 

As a result, accounting and audit business houses regularly generate an unimaginable amount of paper records which later gets accumulated within your office desks and become a burden for the employees. Such a gigantic stockpile of paper documents can harm your organizational efficiency in numerous ways. This can lead to:

  • Multiple Malpractices in Document Management System.
  • Loss and destruction of paper-based records and documents.
  • Unprecedented annihilation of Highly critical corporate data.
  • Unfortunate instances of data leakage, hacking and sabotage. 
  • Drastic reduction of workable space within your organization.
  • Maximisation of Record & Document management expenses.
  • Serious corporate damage that can tarnish your brand identity.
  • Reduced operational efficiency, productivity and low profit.

“According to the latest report, every year US officers use 12.1 trillion of paper sheets which contain million dollar business information.”

So if you are working with an accounting firm and if it seems like your office cabin is going to be buried under an avalanche of physical records, you should happy to know that you are not the only one to suffer like this. 

However,  you can simply solve this problem by subscribing our inclusive record and document management solutions which can not only help you to store and maintain your millions of paper-based documents but would also make you capable enough to extract or retrieve any particular document on an immediate demand. 

We are the leading document management solution provider in Delhi and we have come up with a comprehensive set of data and record storage services which has already helped hundreds of accounting and audit firms to reduce the usability of papers and as well to minimize as the burden of their old physical records within their workplaces, while making their entire data and information management process much more efficient and saving a hell lot of money along the way.

So if you are thinking to mitigate the burden of your physical records but aren’t sure how it would help your accounting firm effectively, just go through these following paragraphs. Here, we have rounded up the top three benefits of document management system in the accounting and audit industry.

Say no to Extra Urban Space & Mitigate Your Document Management Cost:

Storing your records and documents in our offsite physical storage facilities would free up a large volume of office space. 

Because of this, you do not have to spend even a single penny for buying highly expensive urban spaces. This, as a result, would decrease your document management cost at a negligible level of concern.

Improved Operational Efficiency, Fast Decision Making  & Higher Productivity:

As data can be stored and preserved in an electronically operated record storage facilities, it will further free up an ample of time for your CPAs and administrators. 

This in return will allow you to quickly respond to your customer request and would maximise the level of satisfaction among your vendors and clients, thus leading your firm towards the direction of higher operational efficiency, better decision making and higher productivity. 

With our effectively strategize record management system, your employees can easily find out or retrieve the required set of records in a much more faster and cost-effective way. 

The Highest Degree of Data Security:

When it comes to security issues, it would be always wise to store and preserve your data in an unknown offsite physical storage location, so that they can not be stolen, misplaced or mishandled by any mischievous element. 

We are providing secure and Offsite Physical-Record-Management-System which is inherently superior to the traditionally self-regulated record storage systems. 

Besides our electronically operated document management system is installed with highly sophisticated audit trails which are specially designed to keep track of each and every file that either get accessed or annotated and revised. 

Be it a fire and moisture controlled mechanism, a barcode identification system, a Laser-Beam-Protector or an impenetrable firewall, we use all sorts of security measurements just to avoid any illegal access to your data bank. 


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