Date : 10 Sep, 2018

Why Do You Still Need Physical Record Management?

Would it be completely secure for your secret business information and critical documents to be stored only in digital formats, especially in an era where the future wars will no longer be fought with the weapons of mass destruction but using the tools of cyber warfare? Well- We don’t think so! 

“As the world is cascading into the new realm of  digital transmutation, the future state of our personal, commercial, national and as well as international data privacy has become much more uncertain; may blow million-dollar holes in our pocket and even can rise to serious socio-political and economic turmoils that can potentially threaten our national interests!”   
According to the latest Data Threat Report of 2018, published by Thales eSecurity, a vendor of a Rafale Aircraft and a world-known defense-grade technology manufacturer, “The incidents of data breaches in India has dogged its previous record limits. “The total number of data breach incidents is way higher than the global average which further indicates towards the grave conditions of data privacy in modern world and raises a sharp notion of doubt on whether we should completely abandon physical record  management while flattering with web-based document management systems which are largely vulnerable to dicey tricks of cyber espionage, hacking, online breaches and sabotages.”

Mapping the Present Status of Global Data Threats: A Statistical Review:

As modern businesses are expeditiously inclining towards the desire of digital transformation and rapidly embracing various new-age digital platforms including business websites, social media platforms, mobile applications and online money-transfer methods,  their valuable data and business records can no longer be held within the ambit of the conventional corporate boundaries. Now that they are stored in less secure hybrid clouds and open mobile environments, they can be easily manipulated, mishandled and misused within a blink of an eye. 

Following is a list of data-breach statistics which will help you to understand the adverse impact of blind digitization with far more clarity. The statistical reviews will also allow you to dig deep into these above-mentioned problems and would prove the very fact that why online documents storages are not yet a completely perfect solution for you.


Why Is Physical Record Management Still Relevant?

There are no doubts that online document storage systems are much faster than the traditional physical record management systems. But along with the benefits,  it has numerous disadvantages and technical lacunas which can be easily leveraged by hackers and online burglars and can cost you in millions. 

On the contrary, a smartly designed physical record storage system can never be manipulated by hackers. However, it also has several disadvantages such as issues related to space factor, skilled manpower and large investments which can be easily minimized by subscribing our third-party record management services. 

Few important factors that make physical data management still relevant in the modern world of data and document management dynamics are listed as follows:

  • Long-term data preservation is possible with fireproof, moisture-proof and blast proof media vault storage.
  • Third party Physical data storage facilities are less costly than cloud-based data storages.
  • 3PL physical document management solutions will eliminate issues related to space factor.
  • Problems related to data retrieval can be easily eliminated with the help of advanced barcode based indexing, smart record scanning and document imaging services.  
  • As record and documents are stored in unknown offsite storage facilities, they can not be hacked or misused by any cyber attacks.
  • Modern-day offsite record vaulting facilities are installed with environment controlled mechanisms along with multilayered data security measurements, just to protect those paper-based records from being manually stolen, burned or destroyed.


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