Date : 24 Oct, 2018

What is Office Record Management?

Office Record Management often referred as information and document management, is nothing but an organizational practice, devoted to the systematic and scientific management of official information (both physical and digital) throughout of their entire life Cycle, right from their creation to destruction. The entire managerial process is an amalgamation of several steps including.

  • Identification of valuable records.    
  • Classification & categorization.
  • Indexing the files and folders.
  • Storing, Archiving & preservation
  • Record Retrieval & data extraction.
  • Document digitization & scanning.
  • Paper shredding or disposition  


However, the most accepted definition of records management or official records management is given by ISO "ISO 15489-1:2001” standards which defines it as field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records.


The Advantages of Office Record Management:

  • Helps in efficient & effective management of records. 
  • Assists you to track your organizational performance.
  • Boosts your operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Protect valuable data from online & offline espionage.
  • To provide instant access to your records & documents.
  • To eliminate the growing burden of physical records.
  • Saving valuable urban workspace is a prime concern.
  • You can instantly retrieve any of your files & records.
  • Preserve highly prioritized records for an entire lifetime.
  • Help you to forecast future business trends & Tactics.
  • Delivers an absolute picture on your daily transactions.
  • To Get aligned with the laws & regulatory compliances.  
  • Prevent calamities caused by fire, moisture & pests.  
  • Provides a huge database for research & development.


Simple Steps For Managing Your Office Records:

  • First, re-examine your entire physical storage.
  • Then Identify valuable & necessary records.
  • Isolate the unnecessary paperwork & files.
  • Classification & categorization of records.
  • File Indexing, headlining and colour coding.
  • Prepare an environment controlled storage. 
  • Boxing and storing of records & documents.
  • Set up an efficient record retrieval process.
  • Introduce digitization, scanning & imaging.
  • On demand Record disposition & destruction.


Record keeping is a time-consuming, tiring and costly affair, especially for those who are dealing with a large volume of physical records. In that case, you must ally with a trustworthy record management company- someone who is completely capable of eliminating your entire burden. To get further information on office record management, kindly call us- +91-11-43922222