Date : 13 Sep, 2018

Top 15 Essential tips to organize your Physical Records for Better Productivity.

Are you getting annoyed by the rising stockpile of physical records in your office? Well, you should be! 


Records and documents can become an Achilles heel, especially when you regularly generate large volumes of documents on an everyday basis but do not focus on building an advanced record management system which can help you to organize and manage those physical records in a systematic way so that they can be stored, preserved, retrieved and digitized in a fast and secure manner. 

This is completely unprofessional. In fact, a ludicrous approach which can lead to the following disastrous consequences.                               

  • Physical records will gradually eliminate your work-space.
  • It can further turn your office into a chaotic work-station.
  • Record mismanagement can destabilize your office budget.  
  • You can’t instantly retrieve any of your particular documents.
  • Lower operational efficiency and degraded productivity.
  • Your High-priority records can be lost, stolen or misplaced.
  • You can be easily sabotaged by your commercial rivalries. 


However, don’t get disappointed at first-cause the solutions are not costly and require only a little planning, commitment and consistency. Just try to implement these following proven records management solutions as strictly as possible and I guarantee that you would eventually find yourself out of the troublesome zone.


Essential Record management Tips to save your time, money and space.

  1. Just take a deep breath, cause you are going to need a lot of patience. 
  2. Start to re-examine your existing stockpile of file, records & documents.
  3. Find out the important files and records and isolate the unnecessaries.
  4. Now it's time to shred all of the frivolous and insignificant paperwork. 
  5. Let's start to segregate the documents as per their various categories.
  6. File them up, use appropriate colour codings, headings & subheadings.
  7. Smart filling & labelling are vital to prevent cluttering, jumbling or misplacement of records.
  8. You can also use RFID based barcode identification devices for better, quick and easy retrieval of records.
  9. Prepare a comprehensive record copy for documents that are kept in files.
  10. Hire a record management professional and put these responsibilities on his or her shoulders.
  11. Use plastic coated, water resistant, storage boxes to keep your paper works safe from dust, dirt and termites. 
  12. Install an environment controlled storage mechanisms to protect your physical records from fire, mixture and pests.
  13. Secure vault management system is necessary to preserve highly prioritized commercial documents.
  14. Use Laser Printers for fast document digitization and records scanning. 
  15. Build a personalized online database which can contain all of your digitized records.   



Record management is the most essential part of your organizational development. It not only helps you to save a hell lot of money, time and space but can also accelerate your operational efficiency and organizational productivity. However, if you dealing with thousands and millions of paper-based records and documents then it would not be wise to take all the responsibilities directly on your shoulders.  In this case, you should not invest a single penny in building a self-regulated record management mechanisms. Rather doing this, you should find out a trustworthy record management company near you.


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