Date : 26 Oct, 2018

Securus Record Management System – Served Across Industries

Are you looking for an efficient record management system which can serve your industry Specific needs and requirements? Well, let me tell that you have arrived at the right shores.

Securus Record management Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as SRM, the most trusted and widely appreciated record management company in Delhi. Here, we are providing a vast array of records and document management services for industries of all section of national and global economics. 

Be it a legal, banking and financial institution or industries from energy, MSME and infrastructure sectors, we are providing cost-effective and market-oriented records storage and document management solutions which can help almost all sorts of industries and organizations in storing, retrieving and digitizing their highly prioritized commercial records with an absolute data security and in time bound manner.

What Do We Serve?

Ever since our inception in 2005 to till now, we have already served more than 200 top-notch national and international corporate houses and have successfully stored and digitized more than 20 millions of record boxes. Our staffs are fully IT-Trained, experienced in handling and safekeeping of records for wide range of businesses, especially form healthcare, legal, financial, banking, insurance, energy, and power sectors. To know more about our industry-specific Record keeping solutions kindly visit our website immediately.


  • Door to Door collection of records and documents.
  • Barcode-based record indexing and classification.
  • Smart packaging and boxing of files and records.
  • Unlimited storage space for your physical records. 
  • Offsite & Onsite Physical records storage facilities.
  • Safe, secret & environment controlled storage sites. 
  • Impenetrable network security against cyber-attacks. 
  • Sensor-based e-security with the CCTV surveillance. 
  • Document digitization, Record scanning & imaging. 
  • Instant retrieval of records files and documents. 
  • User-friendly records management software.
  • Paper shredding services & document disposition.
  • Blast & fireproof media vault for e-storage devices.
  • Multiple industry specific records storage services. 
  • 24*7 customer care services & technical assistance.


Industries That We Serve:

We provide a comprehensive set of record management services for the following industries:

  • Healthcare & Medical Record management services
  • Document management for oil, gas & energy sectors
  • Physical records storages for educational institutions.
  • Recordkeeping services for banking and insurance.
  • Document storage for CA, Audit & financial firms.
  • Record storage solution for real estate companies.
  • Record management for media & entertainment.
  • Inclusive RMS & DMS for public sector organizations.
  • Data & information management for telecom sectors.
  • All round record management for MSME sectors.


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