Date : 21 Aug, 2018

Records Management Guide for Beginners.

Securus Record Management Pvt Ltd or what popularly known as SRM, is a Delhi based Data and Information Management company, providing an wide array of record and document management services including, onsite and offsite Physical record storage facilities, Secure data storage solutions, unlimited data backup, instant record retrieval, data digitization, document imaging, record scanning, media tape vaulting and  irreversible document destruction services.

The company was established in 2005  in Delhi and headquartered in Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, with an aim to deliver the highest degree of comprehensive record management solutions for almost all kinds of small, medium and large scale organisations in India, especially for those institutions and corporate houses which either closely intact with the sole purpose record and document management such as financial advising firms, auditing, banking and legal firms or else generate a large volumes of paper-based physical records on an everyday basis.

The company was started in by Manish Gupta in 2005, An industrial maverick who had made his fortune in growing logistics and transportation business. As of 2018, the company is serving more than top 150 fortune Indian industries with  helping them to store, preserve, protect and retrieve their highly critical business information’s and corporate data in such a way that they are easily retrieval and also cannot be stolen, misplaced, hacked or destroyed by any mischievous means. 

Objective-Records Management Services:

Information / Records are an organization’s most important resource.  Complete, accurate, reliable and authentic information is essential to an organizations decision-making and operation.  How well the organization manages its records will have a direct impact on its ability to achieve its goals and long-term objective. 

Whether your organization is managing scanned images, regulated content, computer-generated documents, large document volumes, or complex file formats, the smooth and efficient flow of business documents is critical for success.

Our objective of Records management services is to enable our customer to systematic control all records, regardless of media format, from their initial creation to final disposition.  Records management includes the development and application of standards to the creation, use, storage, retrieval, disposal and archival preservation of recorded information required to administer and to operate.

The movement from creation to final disposition is known as the record’s lifecycle and it consists of management activities such as inventorying, classifying scheduling, destroying, or transferring records to the Archival.

Our Record Management Services:

Our Records Management Services basically classified under two services as follows:

  • Physical Records Management –Storage & Maintenance
  • Records Digitization Services – Conversion of Hard Records into Digital Form

Physical Records Management – Storage & Maintenance.

The services covered under hard data management are as follows:

A.Records Filing & Packing.

SRM shall sort, segregate, arrange and pack the records files in SRM records cartons.  The standard size of the cartons shall be as per industry standards for records.

B.Records Inventorying Services.
Based on Customer level of confidentiality, SRM shall do the inventorying which generally is done on the basis of customer legacy ID used for Files.  However, if required can also be prepared on a carton wise basis.  A handwritten inventory is prepared at the site of packing by SRM representative and a copy of the same shall be provided to Customer authorized named personnel.

C.Records Transit Services.
All the cartons loaded with records documents are loaded on to a closed body vehicle to bring them securely to SRM warehouse.  This would be done by SRM own in-house vehicles which ensure the timely pick-up & records security without depending on any third party transport company.

D.Records Unloading & Verification

  •  All the cartons shall be unloaded at Records Center and moved to SRM - RMS (Records Management Services) helpdesk team for verification of records.
  • Based on the inventory prepared and carried by packer escorting the vehicle, SRM - RMS helpdesk team verifies the records against the hard inventory and made them ready to enter into the system.

E. Records Barcoding & Tracking Services.
The handwritten inventory copy is fed into our Automated Records Management System for easy tracking, updated inventory & retrieval transaction services.
Records Management Software used by SRM is a web-based application which has been developed using world-renowned technology leaders’ software like Oracle/SQL as database & web on MS Windows platform which ensures reliability & security of application fully.
All the files shall be barcoded and mapped with Customer File Reference No. for easy access & tracking in future.  The Customer shall ensure that they should provide a unique File Reference No. (Bar-code ID) for each & every file.  Records Inventory shall be made available to the customer on a monthly basis if desired so.

F.Records Retrieval Services.
SRM shall provide Records retrieval services based on the criticality of delivery schedule as per Customer needs.  The classification of requests shall be as follows:

S. No.     Type Of Request                     Delivery Schedule

1.    Normal – Physical Delivery        Next Business Days - Within 24 hours of receipt of the request.
2.    Urgent – Physical Delivery        Same Business Day - Within 8 hours of receipt of the request.
3.    Scan & Email                             Same Business Day - Within 4 hours of receipt of the request.


The mode of retrieval services shall be as follows:

  • Normal Retrieval - By Hand / Person
  • Express Retrieval - By Hand / Person
  • Scan & Email

In order to have a restricted access of records and security, SRM should receive and process the request from Customer authorized named personnel only. 

G. Monthly MIS Reports.
SRM shall provide comprehensive system generated monthly reports as given below:

  • Records Inventory-Department wise
  • Records Transaction Report-Department wise
  • Records Outstanding Report-Department wise report for the files retrieved but not returned by user to SRM
  • File History Report-Retrieval History of File ( If required )

Our Service Features Include:

Customized Pickup and Delivery Schedules.
SRM will create a customized delivery and pickup schedule to suit your needs. Deliveries and pickups can be scheduled at a specific time, daily, weekly, monthly, or on an emergency basis. In addition to Normal Retrieval (Next Day Delivery) Services, we also offer Express Retrieval (Same Day Delivery) Services for taking care of Urgent & critical records retrieval as per customer needs.

Dedicated Account Representatives.
With over a decade years of experience in the records management industry and a dedicated operational staff, SRM has the resources and capabilities to handle your every need. Each and every account has a full-time dedicated SRM representative. SRM representatives are available for on-site client training on the proper records management procedures for creating, retrieving and filing records through the SRM system.

Value Added Services.
SRM will provide you with informative solutions needed to effectively manage your records. SRM will assist you in choosing a records program designed to fit your companies needs. Additional services provided by SRM include packing, sorting, indexing, inventorying & digitization of records. These services are available on site or at the SRM Record Center. Additionally, SRM provides custom-tailored records storage programs including carton filing of records and media storage.

Storage Cartons.
SRM supply a competitively priced, quality manufactured storage cartons to meet its customer records storage requirement. The standard size of records carton is.

Software for Records Management.
SRM utilizes its in-house software for records management.   This window-based application which is developed on strong SQL/ Oracle platform is easily integrated with bar code system ensures full tracking of each and every file in the Records Center.
The software provides many features like inventory tracking, carton location, work order status, descriptions/contents of each carton and much more.  Highlighted below are most frequently used reporting features.

Records Inventory.
In addition to unique file reference number, additional references can be captured in the system for detailed inventory.

Retrieval Transaction Report: 
Tracking of each & every retrieval requests from different users in the organization is possible through this report.

Outstanding Retrieval Report.
Gives you the status of all the files retrieved by users but not returned back to storage can be tracked through this report.

Up to the Minute Status.
Provides you with a current status and historical movement of all your files and or cartons.

Customized Reports: 
We can create customized activity reports as per your needs.SRM Records Management Services enables you the ability to:

  •  Have a complete inventory of each file in our facility
  • Track the historical movement of each file

In addition to storing your files, SRM also offers services such as Digitization (Scanning) of your valuable records for saving your Retrieval cost and Backup Data Tape Management Services.   We meet with our clients on site to develop custom programs to meet individual Records Management needs.

Records Management Process For Hard Records.
a)    Understanding the criticality of CUSTOMER records, first thing suggested to CUSTOMER is to designate Single-Point-Of-Contacts (SPOCs) for every department.  The contact details of the person along with email ID to be provided to SRM in writing as a part of agreement/contract.

b)  SRM helpdesk shall only acknowledge & process the request given by this SPOC.  SRM helpdesk shall not take any instructions or requisition from any other users for any records packing, and retrieval from storage. 

c) All users shall send their requirement request as and when retrieval or new packing required and send the requisition to internal Department SPOC who in turn forwards the request to SRM helpdesk ID with a copy to Departmental Head who will authorize the requisition.
However, the Department Head can forward their request directly to the SRM helpdesk as a process owner for their respective records. This process shall be followed for any new records packing, pickup and retrieval of records from storage.