Date : 21 Dec, 2018

Record Management Trends for 2019.

It has been more than two decades that the digital revolution and IT has shaken the pre-existing dynamics of records management. Since then things have changed at a rapid pace. With the advent of cloud-based document archiving solutions, advance documents scanning and record indexing technologies, The entire field of Record management or documents storage is gradually shifting towards the direction of modern-day information governance.


In fact the trends are changing at an exponential rate, embracing more hybridized models of file management, especially those which can ensure quick retrieval of valuable records, lifetime document archive solutions and above all, the highest degree of records storage securities that can protect their critical records both from online, offline espionage and as well as from other natural and manual threats.


Following is a handful of record Keeping Trends and practices that we consider as emerging in the upcoming years of 2019.


The trend of Digital Archiving -Redefining Documents Storage:

Due to the infinite amount of storage capability and fast data access facilities, Electronic records storage services or what popularly known as digital archiving has emerged as one of the most popular and highly reliable ways for record management.

For example-Cloud-based document archiving systems like Google Doc, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive/Office 360 are the real-time examples for modern day digital archiving technologies. These online platforms are not only capable of preserving millions of digital records but can also allow you to access, share, edit and retrieve any of your particular document, from wherever you want and whenever you want.


Advantages Of Cloud-based data storage:

  • Reduces the burden of physical records & low data management cost
  • Cloud Storage provides an infinite amount of digital storage space.
  • Providing instant data accessibility & fastest records retrieval facilities.
  • No need to recruit hundreds of record management professionals.
  • Eliminates the needs for Storage warehouses, packaging and boxing.
  • Often, digital archives are a cross-device compatible, can be accessed
  • both from smartphones and PC.


Modernizing Your Physical Record Management: 

Cloud Storage will not be helpful unless you completely eliminate the use of paper-works within your office. Because of the rampant use of paper in official works, you will eventually end up in generating thousands of physical records on an everyday basis.

As a result of this, The burden of physical records will grow time after time and you will never be able to put an end into the process of digitization. This in return, will also increase your entire budget of document storage in multiple folds.

However, for companies which are largely dependent on paperwork and hardly aware of the use of cloud software,'Digital-data- archiving' will never be a fruitful solution. Instead of that, companies must go for further up-gradation of their physical storages.

Modernizing Trends in Physical Records Management:

  • Rather than on-site record management, always try to Prefer offsite document storage warehouses.
    and sensor-based entry and exit systems to protect your document from offline espionage and sabotage.
  • Use Blast proof media vault to store documents which possess high-valued-critical information or records which are stored in electronic storage devices.
  • Do not forget to purchase advance Printers and scanners so that you can quickly digitize your documents. Use email and fax system for faster record delivery and disposition.
  • Upgrade the capacity of your storage space and use waterproof boxes to store your paper-based records and documents.
  • Use RFID based barcode identification technologies for faster identification and Instant record relocation.
  • Install temperature, moisture and pests controlled mechanisms within the storage room.
  • Also install advance smoke detectors, water hydrants, and fire extinguishers to prevent uncertain accidents.
  • Deploy LASER based identification devices, 24*7 CCTV surveillance 


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