Date : 04 Oct, 2018

Reason To Consider a Record Management Company.

Are you less satisfied with your existing document management system (DMS)? Is it performing below your expectation? Let's Connect with SRM-The most trusted document management company in Delhi NCR, Providing a wide array of world-class record management solutions, right from Secure Physical Storage to document digitization, Instant retrieval to data destruction.

The market of document management is booming at an exponential rate and so is the number of service providers. But unfortunately, most of these so-called document management service providers are quite new in this industry and do not possess adequate infrastructure, wealth, and experience which are mandatory to run the basic operations of an any large scale document management process.  More Precisely, The market is full of thugs and looters who are desperately waiting to dupe businesses like you.

Problems with Most of the Record Management Companies.

  • Most of them are newcomers in the field of record & document management.
  • Lack of infrastructure, storage space, market-oriented services & business ethics.
  • Higher service charge and Highly expensive record management systems(RMS)
  • Complete dependence on online-based document management systems(DMS).
  • Most Of them don’t know how to keep their promises, poor customer care services.


However, there are few multinational companies like IBM and Iron Mountain who are known for their highly optimized record management services.  But on the contrary, their services are costly and can not be afforded by the most of their small and medium class business in India.  

Things That You Must Examine.

While choosing the best document management systems, you must consider these following aspects:

  • How old & experienced is your service provider?
  • Are their services cost-effective or easy to access?
  • The reputation of your record management company.
  • Whether the services are inclusive & comprehensive.


Subscribe India’s The Best Document Management Systems.

Securus record management Pvt Ltd is a one-stop destination for record and document management. Unlike the most of the newcomers, we have decades of professional experience in managing physical and as well as digital records.  We are supported by a large group of record and document management professionals and a huge network of storage warehouses spread all over the country. Ever since our inception, we have served more than two hundred national and international companies, stored and digitized millions of records and documents. Here are the few points which make us the best physical record management company in Delhi. 


  • We provide secure Physical document storages which are safe from man-made threats and natural calamities
  • Our services are cost-effective. They would not bother your overall office budget. 
  • Our record management solutions can be customized as per your needs & budget.
  • We have years of professional experience, huge manpower & multiple storage units.
  • Our warehouses are installed with temperature & moisture controlled storage mechanism.
  • We are providing both onsite and offsite file storage facilities. The services are categorized as - (a) Onsite record vaulting services (b) Off-site record storage services
  • One and Only Record management company in Delhi that provides comprehensive document storage solutions. We know that both physical and digitized records have their own advantages and lacunas. Considering this, we never try to force and deceive our clients to subscribe to anything that is not required.  
  • Whether it is physical record management or document digitization, cloud-based data storage or instant record retrieval services, we are always there to assist you.


So do not waste your time. Be an active partner of our Secured Physical Storage and document management initiatives. Best Solution in India-1500+Satisfied Clients-Highly Customizable services-Full End-To-End Solution-Hassle-Free DMS & RMS.