Date : 26 Apr, 2019

Off Site Record Storage Near You in Delhi-NCR

Whenever your company’s paper records start to really pile up, you more than likely are going to look into offsite records storage. Whenever you do that, its very important to look for a provider that not only fit your needs but additionally one that's secure and reliable. We at Securus Records Management get asked a lot of questions regarding different facets of the records management process. While our services are more flexible and personalized than some, and despite the fact that we have worked with hundreds of companies in the Delhi-NCR area.

Our philosophy here at Securus is one of transparency and honesty always wanting what's ultimately best for the consumer. Our present programs that help to ensure its clients meet regulatory compliances Securus Records Established in 2005, Securus records now provide info management services for more than 200+ client accounts in Delhi-NCR. Securus has more than 30k square feet operational warehouse space that support the secure storage of physical and digital information. Securus Records Management also helps clients to expand digital file storage, secure recovery techniques via computers and mobile devices) and digital info governance to ensure its clients are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

Securus is also able to track single documents and cartons using radio frequency identification technology. Securus Records is now the largest records management provider in the Delhi-NCR region. The services it offers include records management for paper and electronic documents, data management solutions for services like offsite tape vaulting and data restoration, and info destruction. With a head office in New Delhi Okhla Phase 1, Securus records management assists more than 200 organizations, More than 100 professionals, 10 vehicles make up this massive records management company.

Here at Securus, we focus on the belief that every company is a different way of business and records management needs. Our services are flexible, as we are fully able to customize them to your individual needs.