Date : 27 Sep, 2018

Introducing India's Most Advanced Record Management System.

It’s time to get rid of the burden of your pilling records!

We are a premium-class physical document storage provider, playing a pivotal role in spreading the awareness of record and document management among the corporate masses in India. We use various cutting edge technologies such as laser beam detectors, blast-proof lightening, barcode identification, fire, and moisture proof vault, CCTV camera and automatic fire-alarm-system, which have actually helped us to render the highest degree of record handling solutions for our clients. 

Securus record management Pvt Ltd, today has announced a wide array of lucrative document storage services which will further allow various data-sensitive organizations to access to unlimited document storage facilities for their pilling business records. As of now, the organization is only offering highly organized physical-record-storages to all kinds of corporate moguls, especially to those who are looking for a sophisticated record’s storage solutions for their businesses.

As one of the oldest record management companies in Delhi, we understand the importance of your business records like no one else. We consider ‘data’ as oxygen without of which no corporate institution, whether small or big, can even breathe for a short span of time. Be it a forgotten piece of financial record or any recent statistical information, records and documents are indeed the most quintessential element for strategizing a full-proof business plan and hence needs to be stored and protected at any cost. 

We are a keen observer of the market and we do know that how much important is it for you to store and protect your valuable corporate records in physical forms, particularly in an era when each and every bit of digitally stored information is facing the grievous and undetectable threat of cyber espionage and hacking. The last election in the USA and the most recent case of 'Cambridge Analytica’ are the burning examples that will continuously bind us to raise the finger on the authenticity of any digital-data-storage facilities. 

Here in India, the concept of record management is quite a new phenomenon for most of the small and medium class businesses. And yet, a vast number of booming businesses are feeling the immediate urge for adopting an advanced record management system (RMS). Unlike the old days, it is no more regarded as an underrated procedure. In fact, most of the corporate behemoths are largely empathetic towards outsourcing their record management needs. However, the climate is changing day by day, in fact in a radical manner, and we can possibly hope for a time when more and more business houses will prefer document management as an integral part of their business strategy.

At SRM, we recognize this demand as one of the toughest challenges for modern day businesses in India. The reason for this is very simple-either, most of the companies and institutions do not possess any smart document storage mechanism or they do not want to invest in such a huge storage infrastructure which can store their mounting amount of records in a safe and secure way.

Considering this, we have come up with an advanced document management mechanism which is reinforced by a wide array of fail-safe security arrangements. We are providing a state of art storage-vault which will not only allow you to store, and backup your sensitive corporate data but would also protect them from all kinds of possible threats like, fire, moisture, pests, and sabotage.

Our Popular Services are listed as follows:
A.    An unlimited physical storage.
B.    An impenetrable Record-vault.
C.    Digitization of files and Records.
D.    Data backup & Data-shredding.

So if you are looking for the best record management services in Delhi, please visit our website. Be in touch with us for any kinds of further updates.