Date : 04 Dec, 2018

Importance Of Public Sector Record Management

Most of the public sector organizations in India are still dependent on paper to maintain its regular governmental works. These paper-based records and documents are highly vulnerable to offline espionage and can be lost, stolen, misplaced or mishandled by various mischievous means. 

Hence, they require a solid file storage and document archiving systems which should not only accommodate millions of physical records but can also allow them to access and retrieve their records in a much more cost-effective time-bound manner.

Why Public Records Are Important:

Public records are a kind of national asset. They are the one and only reliable source of information without which no government can run its functions swiftly. 

Here In India, Government offices and public sector organizations receive and generate a huge amount of physical records on an everyday basis. These public records are also one another solid evidence for any kind of actions or decisions, taken by public officials in past, and further make the respective governments accountable for these actions. 

Records like government plans and policies and the details of public sector investment and expenditures contain highly valuable information which provides us with a deep insight over the past and present condition of our national demographics- right from it’s living standards to its economic capacity. 

Besides that, these records and documents, either directly or indirectly, are related to the interests of public welfare and hence must be stored carefully. 


Why Do Government Organizations Need Public Sector Record Management?

But unfortunately, most of the government institutions in India do not have proper record storage facilities. They are largely dependent on the age the old office record management which is practically an inefficient method and cannot even accommodate such a huge influx of paper works on a daily basis. This has finally left this precious archival heritage in a miserable condition. Now what they actually need is modern-day record management systems which can eliminate their burdens of physical records just within a snap of a finger.


  • Go for offsite records storage, if you have a large volume of old physical records. This will save the office space and eliminate the burden of record management from your shoulders. 
  • Choose a trustworthy records management service providers, ally with it and let the industry experts carry your extra burden.
  • Records management is a time-consuming and expensive affair, especially when the number of physical documents grows every day. So it would a wise to outsource your file management programs to a third party document storage company. It will save your extra time, money and resources. 
  • Creating Proper document storage would help you to protect your highly prioritized records for their entire lifetime. Your records will remain out of the reach of several mischievous eyes.
  • Modern-day document archives are equipped with fast records retrieval system. With them in your side, you can simply access any of your document within a blink of an eye.