Date : 08 Jan, 2019

How Safe are your Digital Records?

Nowadays most of the data sensitive industries are blindly following the trends of digital storage or cloud computing to preserve their physical records, simply without knowing the negative repercussions of it. 

But in reality, neither your digital-records storage platforms are completely secure nor they are cost-effective. In fact, your records become more vulnerable to hacking and all sorts of online threats, especially when they are stored in digital formats and made accessible to the entire world. 

Considering these factors, SRM has come up with a modern version of the record management system which will help you to store and preserve your physical records with one hundred percent data-storage security. Under the purview of these newly offered services, SRM is allowing to store and preserve your millions of physical records in their offsite-physical storage or records vaulting facilities. 

While explaining the level of security facilities, Manish Gupta, the managing director of SRM-Record management has said, "Our records storing warehouses are situated in a secret or remote locations and they use several modern technologies such as advanced CCTV cameras, biometric entry, and exit system, computer-controlled door-locking, sensor-based securities, just to ensure a greater degree of security arrangements. Apart from that, we also deploy trained security professionals to take care of other aspects of manual security arrangements."

“So now you do not have to worry for the costly installation and complicated maintenance of your cloud storages. Just hand over your physical documents to us and get rid of the entire burden of your physical records immediately.” He also added.

Some of the lucrative features that make SRM’s physical records management better than digital storage are listed as follows:

  • A door to door collection of physical records and time-bound records delivery mechanisms. 
  • Barcode-based records indexing, making your records easily identifiable. 
  • A free initial audit of your record is conducted to determine your requirements.  
  • LASER based records scanning, emailing and fax for instant document retrieval. 
  • Climate controlled document storage environment with fire extinguishers, water hydrants, smoke detection and pests controlling mechanisms.    
  • Climate controlled document storage environment with fire extinguishers, water hydrants, smoke detection and pests controlling mechanisms.    
  • We are offering unlimited storage space for your physical and paper-based documents so that you do not have to buy additional physical space.  
  • Our document storage and file management services cost-effective in nature. They will never bother your pocket or affect your budget. 
  • We are also providing customized records keeping services, allowing you to go your actual needs and demands. 
  • Delivering industry-specific document archiving and record management solutions for various data-sensitive industries and organizations including , laws firms, CA and accounting firms, insurance and banking sectors, hospitals, power generation companies, oil and gas producing companies, universities, schools and colleges, entertainment and media houses, NGO and public sector institutions and many more.  


Our Versatile Record Management Services Are :

  • Onsite and offsite Physical Storage
  • Fastest Records Retrieval Services
  • Records scanning and imaging services 
  • Document digitization services. 
  • Special Purpose media vaulting.  
  • Paper shredding facilities. 

 Don’t be a blind follower of digital record management. Be wise, analyze your needs and demands. For more details Contact us to SRM team for Free Consultation.