Date : 24 Jul, 2018

How Going Paperless Can Save Your Business Time and Money.

Are you wondering of how record management can increase your business growth and save a hell lot of money? Just read this following blog-The The answer lies within it. 


Every year more than 80% of small and medium class businesses in India do suffer vital economic losses, especially due to potential online data breach and record mismanagement. 

Join hands with Securus Record Management Pvt Ltd, leading information & Record Management Company in Delhi and avoid all kinds of unprecedented financial losses, caused by poor record storage & document management facilities. 


Say No to Extra Space!

The average cost of commercial office space in Delhi or Mumbai is roughly about 2000-5000 Rs/square feet in a month. Now by this standard, if you simply allow only 100 square feet of space for your document storage, then you would have to end up with spending approximately 20,000-50, 000 Rs per month or 2,40 000- to 7,50, 000 Rs on a yearly basis. 

This itself creates a huge economic burden for almost all sorts of small & medium class businesses and as well as for new entrepreneurs as they do not have an adequate financial investment, manpower or any standard set of infrastructures to run a self-operated record & document storage system.

Under such hue & cry, it would not be wise for any corporate, industrialist or businesses to store their valuable paper records inside their offices. Rather, they must look for the best third-party offsite record storage and data digitization services which can help them to store, manage, protect and retrieve their gigantic stock of highly prioritized records in a much more faster, smarter & cost-effective way.


Reduced Document Management Cost:

Document & record management is not a five-finger exercise. It is a costly and time-consuming affair which can not be done single-handedly.  First of all, you have to invest a huge sum of wealth to create your own record storage infrastructures. But the story does not end here.

Once the infrastructure is created then you have to recruit highly skilled records and information management professionals who will be responsible for the regular maintenance of your paper records. Apart from that if you are interested in availing Document digitization and Paper destruction services then, you have to create and maintain your own cloud server which is very complicated for anybody who is not familiar with the intricacies of quantum computing, computer networking, and cloud engineering.

All of these together will do nothing but increase the budget of your records and document management to such an unbearable state where your expenditure cost will outpace your records management revenue. And don’t forget about those bulky paper shredding machines. They are also going to cost you a lot.

Considering these above-mentioned factors, we have come up with a wide array of data, records & document management services which will help you to reduce your expenditure to a negligible level of concern which in return will save a hell lot of money.


Online Data-reach & Sabotage:  

All sorts of corporate records do contain valuable information that can be organized and analyzed to reframe a new business model or a unique marketing strategy.

Records like your past expenditure modules, client database, and accounting papers do possess a vast amount of valuable data which is streamlined in a particular way, can produce various statistical business models. Besides, there are records which may contain highly critical corporate data which if lost, stolen or misused, can even threaten your existential status.

Now, unfortunately, we are living in such an era where each and every tit and a bits of our personal, professional and confidential information are not safe anymore. They are quite vulnerable to the online data breach, hacking and sabotage. In fact, one unprecedented incident of computer hacking may cost you millions of dollars.

It Is because of that, we have come up with a large spectrum of secure record management services which will help you to keep your valuable corporate records and financial documents hidden from the reach of online burglars, hacker
and other mischievous eyes!


Records management is an integral part of any business process.  In fact, good record-keeping is an elementary need, necessary for running a successful business. A perfectly designed record management system not only makes it very quick, simple and easy to prepare your accounts sheets at the end of the year but would also enable you re-inspect your company’s cash-flow, and enhance your operational efficiency and productivity at a large extent. This further ensures the lowest data & record management cost and leads you to a higher revenue generation process.