Date : 28 Sep, 2018

How Bad Records Management Can kill Your Business Productivity.

"Your Business Records Do Possess An Enormous Economic Potential. But At The Same Time, They Are Also Quite Vulnerable To Numerous Natural And As Well As Man-made Calamities"

While your valuable records can be destroyed by fire, moisture and pests attack, they can also be lost, stolen, hacked, misplaced or manipulated through several mischievous means.

The most common risks which can cause significant harm to your business records and can tarnish your corporate identity are:

  • Record mismanagement, Data leakage, hacking & sabotage. 
  • Natural deterrents like fire, moisture & pests attacks.
  • Transgression of the statutory compliances.& legal barriers.


Document management is a lengthy and time-consuming process. And it becomes more complicated and costly when your organization generates loads of corporate data on an everyday basis. 

This would certainly create a mess for most of the small and medium class businesses, as they do not have adequate infrastructure, technology, and manpower to manage those huge stockpiles of Physical Records Storage

Thus Improper record management creates a hell lot of problems for your organization. These include.

  • Degraded level of Record Accessibility.
  • Higher Document Management Cost.
  • Problems with immediate data shredding.
  • Lack of workable space within the office.
  • Low operational efficiency & productivity


Now think of it once again. Are you confident that such a status quo in record & document management would really benefit your business? We don’t think so.
Just join hands SRM and let us cover the entire lifecycle of your physical and as well as electronic records. We are India’s most reputed record management services provider; in fact, an ideal destination for inclusive document and records management services-straight from the end to end document storage facilities to instant information retrieval and secure paper shredding solutions.


Here at SRM, we consider our clients as the most valuable asset to our organization and always try to listen to them with utmost curiosity. Keeping that in mind, we are dedicating a vast pool of relative resources to deliver the highest degree of value-added record management services to all of our clients, especially through a team of highly experienced virtuosos who not only understand the importance and sensitivity of the documents that we store but also do possess a customer-oriented approach with it.

Our standard record & document management activities involve: 

  •  Secure data storage, data backup and record preservation services.
  • Compiling, indexing, packaging and maintaining your valuable physical records. 
  • Document Digitization with LASER Scanning & Digital Imaging. 
  • Setting up an absolute adherence to the optimal legal procedures.
  • Instant Record Retrieval Services, just on your immediate demand.
  • A Secure media vault for highly prioritized and sensitive documents.
  • Irreversible Paper Shredding Services to reduce the burden of old records.
  • Multifaceted Storage Security, eliminating the possibility of cyber espionage & sabotage.


So, Whenever your business records become a burden to handle, here we are, available for you! 

Try our Copper bottomed Document Management Solutions, harness the power of your corporate memory.  Therefore.