Date : 13 Nov, 2018

7 Key Benefits of Offsite Document Storage.

“The rising pile of physical records is a real-time problem for modern-day business and corporates. And for those who are desperately looking for a permanent solution to this must-try securus offsite record management solutions. It is the one and only sustainable and fruitful method which ensures one hundred percent data security, abundant working-pace, accelerated operational efficiency and better productivity along with a complete guarantee for lower document management costs”.

Onsite Record Management-A Quixotic Idea?

Whether you believe it or not, onsite record management is one another form of self-extortion. Here, you first invest millions of dollars to establish your own file management systems, then you re-invest another half a million for various maintenance purposes and finally when you are done with all of these, what would distress you mind is the practical incapability of your filing cabinet in holding, preserving and managing the exponential influx of critical documents for years to come. Now, you again prefer to buy some new urban space and create more Self-governed records storage facilities. It is like a vicious cycle where you finally end up with nothing but a huge load of monetary debt over your shoulders.

In fact, it’s a preposterous idea which actually makes you believe that what stays in front of your eyes remain safe and secure. But in a real-world scenario, things don’t work like that. Cause even if you own self-controlled records and document management systems (RMS & DMS), it simply does not solve all of the problems caused by the incidents of offline and online espionage, hacking, sabotage and as well as the chaos created by the burden of physical records within your office.


Advantages of Offsite Record Storage:

Rather than building your own official records storage facilities, it would be wise to rely on offsite document management programs. You can simply tie up with a trustworthy records management company near me and can also use their offsite records management sites to store your files and documents on a regular basis. This would also open up multiple doors of opportunities, not only to streamline your day to day workflow but also to save money during the process of document’s storage, record retrieval, digitization, and disposition.

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

Since you don’t have to create your own filing cabinet and storage infrastructures, you can save a hell lot of money. This makes it much more cost effective.

2. Zero Labour Cost:

You don’t need to push extra resources to recruit additional bookkeepers or record management professionals.

3. Revive Your Work-Space:

As you do not have to store your records within your office, it saves your urban office space. You can exploit the leverage of unlimited physical storage capacity, being provided by various Records archiving sites.

4. Time-Saving:  

Just outsource your needs to reputed record management company and let their industry experts manage your work.   This will help you to get a complete relief from the overwhelming responsibilities of record management and save your valuable time.

5. Legal Compliance:  

Unlike the other, Offsite-file management solutions will help you to align with various laws and regulations associated with record retention and destruction.

6. Theft Prevention:

Standard document storage companies never disclose their storage location which in turn, prevent the incidents of sabotage and espionage. Apart from that, they also use advanced LASER beam detectors, CCTV camera surveillance and sophisticated network security software to avoid both the online and offline thefts.

7. Environmental Damage:

Off-site file storage facilities are equipped with advanced electronic gadgets which are used control the level of indoor temperature and moisture. This saves records and documents from the adverse effect external environment.


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