About Us

Securus Records management Pvt Ltd

Securus is one of the fastest-growing documents and Record Management Company in Delhi. The company was established in the year of 2005 with a clear vision of creating an efficient record management system for various document sensitive-organizations, such as financial advisory firms, Insurance and banking sector, law firms, audit firms, media & entertainment houses and telecom industries.

Here, we not only help you to reorganize your organization's physical document storage in a systematic manner but also protect them from all sorts of natural and man-made threats like fire, moisture, pests, and sabotage.  In short, we are the guardian of your sensitive business records, protecting them from getting lost or mishandled.

Ever since our inception, we have played a pivotal role in promoting the importance of document management in this country, thereby ushered in a new era in the field of document-storage-management.

Our mission & Vision:

  1. To spread the importance and need of record management.
  2. To provide an excellent document management services.
  3. To safely manage the growing volumes of records & documents.
  4. To make record management affordable for a layman.

People: backed by highly skilled manpower from the record management industry.
Infrastructure: Advanced warehousing & smart storage facilities are our strength. 
Technology: Cutting edge technologies gives us an edge over our competitors.
Clientele: Our varied clientele is the testimony to our understanding.

Our Strengths


Have best of the skilled manpower from the record management industry


We are equipped with the best infrastructure to support our clients


We use the latest technologies which gives us a cutting edge over our competitors


Our varied clientele is the testimony to our understanding