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Physical Records Storage- Efficiently, Securely & Cost-Effectively.

Common Problems in your Record Room.

  • Keeping records beyond rentention period.
  • Spending to much to store records.
  • Wasting time looking for misplaced information
  • Failing to protect mission-critical information from harm
  • Risking penalties for non-compliance with records keeping regulations.

Benefits of Records Management Services.

  • An Award Winning

    physical record management company, rated A+ in terms of client's feedback and satisfaction.

  • Exceptional Value for Money

    Our low price reflect the efficiency of the Company. A free initial audit of your records is conducted to determine your requirments. Our database of client records are kept secure by taking daily backup. Release of critical floor & filing space. Easy & fast capture of complete physical records to electronic media. Quick & easy retrieval. Controlled acess to documents. Cheapest method of physical records archival & records retrieval.

  • Security Confidentiality

    Round the clock security along with CCTV surveillance. Acess control applied to all. Our records storage facility is equipped with latest smoke detectors and fire fighting apparatus. Storage in climate controlled environment. Customer names are not quoted for advertisement purpose.

  • Records Barcoding & Tracking

    The hand written inventory copy is fed into our automated records management system for easy tracking, updated inventory & retrieval transaction services.

  • Records Retrieval

    provide records retrieval services based on criticality of delivery schedule as per customer needs.

  • Value Added Solutions

    SRM will assist you in choosing a records management system designed to fit your companies needs.

  • 24*7 Customer Support Cost-effective document management solutions with no hidden charge.

"Go Paper Less Reduce Your Physical Storage Space & Boost Your Operational Efficiency"