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Securus Records Management Pvt. Ltd. uses the latest version of records management package-RSSQL, which provides the ability for our customers to gain access to our database via the internet. Features of the standard web access function include:

  • Browse item recordsv
  • Verify item activities and status
  • Create/ add to delivery/collection
  • Request an emergency reports
  • Receive automated reports
  • Request the supply of products

Document Scanning Services

Using barcode technology, the system enables the complete tracking of all items by the use of hand-held scanners. SRM is able to tailor customer specific reports to include any additional information that may be required.

These include:

  • Inventory listings
  • Movement history
  • Destruction review
  • Activity reports

Each of these reports can be applied to the whole account, sub account (cost centre) or even down to an individual item.
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